Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Music Schedule for Tuesday, June 9 through Saturday, June 13

Tuesday, June 9
   Larry Dougher 8-11

With passion and reckless abandonment, Larry's guitar playing and singing never fails to leave a crowd exhilarated and amazed. It is because of his live performances that Larry has gained a reputation among his fans, musicians, and critics as being a rising star on the blues horizon 

Wednesday, June 10
  Open Jazz Session with Fred Haas and Sabrina Brown 8 -11
Come join us for a night of jazz with Fred Haas on the piano and Sabrina Brown with her smooth vocals.  They welcome other muscicans to play as well.
Thursday, June 11
  Ricker Winsor 8 - 11

"Winsor's interpretation-just his voice and the finger picking of an acoustic guitar evoke images of another Mississippi. His music inspires you to while away the day in a rocker as a mighty river rolls on."


Friday, June 12
  Mo'Jazz with Sharon Conner and Rob Gattie 8 - 11
Mo'Jazz is comprised of Sharen Conner, jazz vocalist, and a variety of
musical friends. Friday night, June 12th, Sharen is joined by Rob Gattie
on keyboards. This duo will entertain patrons with several sets of
tasteful standards, including ballads, latin, and swing. Both musicians
have been playing jazz for over thirty years and their combined expertise
should yeild a very enjoyable listening experience.

Saturday, June 13
  Ed and Dixie Eastridge 8-11

Ed is the "go-to" guitar teacher in the Upper Valley – and an award-winning studio recording wiz to boot!  Dixie's resonant, soulful voice – honed during years on the road with bands in the old days - adds a wonderful element.


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